This is the homepage for gdmxml, an XML implementation of the Genealogical Data Model. Specifically, it is a RELAX NG Schema to validate XML documents with genealogical information according to the Genealogical Data Model put together by the Lexicon Group from GENTECH.

I welcome feedback and questions! To get involved, please join the email list and browse the email list archives. If you are not familiar with the GDM, XML, or RELAX NG, you can read up on them by following the links below.

Hans Fugal <hans at fugal dot net>


Tue Oct 19 09:50:15 MDT 2004
I moved servers and some links broke. In the process of fixing those links I decided that I might as well call it 1.0 since it's been in beta long enough. I also decided on a license, the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License. If you feel like this license doesn't meet your needs please discuss it with me. Download the schema and supporting files in the Files section below.

Note: ViewCVS access is temporarily down. If you want it, prod me along with an email and/or ask for the specific version(s) of files you want by email.

Tue Jun 24 07:11:07 MDT 2003
New files available, from the NGS conference. (see the Files section below)

Tue May 20 18:34:50 MDT 2003
gdmxml has reached beta! I have put together an example document that validates against the schema: fugl.xml. It covers most of the features of gdmxml syntax, and although it doesn't cover all aspects of the GDM it should give you a practical overview of how the GDM works. It is based on this site. This release is also known as version 0.9 and I respectfully submit it to the genealogical computing community as a Request For Comments.

Tue Jan 7 07:19:13 MST 2003
gdmxml has reached the Alpha stage. I don't anticipate drastic changes in the specification at this point, and I encourage users and developers to try representing their data with gdmxml. As always, if you have questions or feedback please contact me by email or through the list.


The gdmxml schema is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License. Supporting files are distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.

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